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Episode 55 – Case Studies: Annuities as Helpful Multi-Generational Planning Tools – Part 2 – With Michael R. Harris, CFP®, ChFC

Annuities can be hugely beneficial for multi-generational planning, but how do you really go about doing that? What are the technical components of including annuities in your plan?

In part two of this two-part series, Mike Harris, senior education advisor at the Alliance for Lifetime Income, once again sits down with John and Michael Parise to explain the use of annuities as multi-generational planning tools, sharing successful case studies and real-life experiences. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The emotional components of annuities and planning: Creating legacies as a way to remember loved ones
  • The eye-opening truth about annuity guarantee and protection policies 
  • How to use annuity structures for special needs children
  • How and why it’s important to use the correct annuity for your situation within your plan 
  • And more!

Remember, annuities for multigenerational planning need the assistance of a financial advisor. Discover how you can get started today! 

Resources:  Part 1 | Copper Beech Financial Group: (856) 988-8300 | Michael R. Harris, CFP®, ChFC | The Alliance for Lifetime Income

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Episode 54 – Annuities as a Helpful Income Planning Tool – With Michael R. Harris, CFP®, ChFC

The Alliance For Lifetime Income’s Michael R. Harris is all about helping YOU address the risk of outliving your retirement income.

In this episode, John and Michael Parise speak with Mike Harris to discover everything Mike has to say about annuities, and how to creatively use them within your income planning. 

You will learn:

  • An investor-related definition of annuities
  • Why it is so important to plan for retirement-related income streams
  • The pros and cons of a traditional annuitization
  • What does the general public think of annuities: Research done by The Alliance For Lifetime Income 
  • How advisors and clients can approach annuity discussions, cost and value-wise 
  • And more!

No matter if it’s an investment or annuity – they all need planning.  Listen in to find out why!

Resources: Copper Beech Financial Group | (856) 988-8300 | Michael R. Harris, CFP, ChFC | The Alliance for Lifetime Income | Cited Source: Risky Business: Living Longer Without Income for Life | Cited Source: CBS News: How to estimate your lifetime retirement paycheck