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59. The Plan For Succession in the Family Business

Do you have a succession plan in place for your family business? 

In this episode, Michael Parise shares his personal experience with succession planning as the second generation within his family business. He reveals the importance of communication between generations when developing your business succession plan, and how the expectations of each generation can shape the future of your business.

Michael discusses:

  • How you can create a sustainable succession plan that will keep your business intact through the generations
  • How the expectations of each generation impacts the succession planning process
  • Why you need to have open communication between generations in your planning
  • The benefit of working with outside sources and experts when creating a plan for your family business
  • And more

Discover what you need to create a sustainable succession plan with Michael Parise!


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Episode 58: Approaching Governance Planning – Part 2 – With Jeff Savlov

By now, you should be knowing that governance is all about helping families stay organized and guided within their business. But where can you get started?

In the second part of this two-part series, John and Michael Parise are joined by returning guest, Blum & Savlov, LLP’s Jeff Savlov.  This time, Jeff takes a deep dive to explain how families can begin and approach governance planning. 

You will learn:

  • The three areas of focus when families are considering governance planning
  • Vision and mission statements as two simple methods of governance 
  • How John and Michael deal with meritocracy and governance planning at Copper Beech 
  • Governance planning as a solution for resistant (or opposing) generations 
  • The role of a family council within the governance process
  • And more!

Listen in and find out the moral and legal components of governance planning!


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