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Turning Risk Into Opportunity Via Enterprise Risk Management with Kyle Hanson (Ep. 103)

You can protect your business against risks while also leveraging them as opportunities for growth.

In this episode, John and Michael Parise are joined by Kyle Hanson, the director of business development at Madison Insurance Group, to talk about enterprise risk management.  

Kyle unveils the firm’s application of SWOT analysis to enterprise risk management while sharing client case studies, highlighting the various risk coverages available.

John, Michael, and Kyle discuss:

  • What’s enterprise risk management, and how it differs from basic risk management
  • How risk can be positive (not just a threat) in a SWOT analysis
  • How Madison Insurance Group integrates strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) into the enterprise risk management they do for clients
  • Some of the different risk coverages Madison Insurance Group offers
  • And more!

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About Our Guest: 

Kyle Hanson is a Director of Business Development who works in close collaboration with the Director and President, Mark Sims, to strategize, organize, and execute new business development and public relations activities. 

With over a decade of public speaking experience and an accomplished academic background, Kyle is a sought-after conference presenter and a former column editor for the American Choral Directors Association’s national journal. 

Before joining MIG, Kyle honed his skills in non-profit development through an internship at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and a clinical workshop in artistic development at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. 

Kyle holds a High Distinction degree from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and two additional Masters degrees from Bowling Green State University and Indiana University.

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Here’s How Copper Beech Helps Business Owners Plan For Generational Wealth (Ep. 102)

Today’s topic is pertinent to business owners. If you’re grappling with unique financial challenges related to entrepreneurship and business ownership, this episode is for you.

This week, John and Michael Parise explore a case study about a client who owns a business. They provide a detailed walkthrough of their process from start to finish while detailing how they helped the client gain a generational wealth mindset by emphasizing education around how he thought about his finances.

John and Michael discuss:

  • The three key areas the client wanted to focus on and sought help from Copper Beech
  • Copper Beech’s approach to managing wealth for future generations (long-term instead of short-term planning)
  • Why family meetings were critical to the planning process
  • The recommendations their client’s family implemented and why
  • And more!


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