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The Role of Rare Tangible Assets in a Diversified Portfolio for Generational Wealth with Geoff Anandappa (Ep. 108)

The Role of Rare Tangible Assets in a Diversified Portfolio for Generational Wealth with Geoff Anandappa (Ep. 108)

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio and try to hedge some of the global inflation investors are seeing today, you might want to consider adding rare tangible assets or collectibles to your portfolio.

In this episode, John and Michael Parise speak with Geoff Anandappa, a specialist in rare tangible assets and the founder of Rare Tangible Assets Ltd., about investing in rare assets such as coins, art, stamps, and other collectibles. 

Geoff starts with his background in the specialty before diving into how investors can get into the rare tangible asset market and why they’re a good long-term investment choice for holding onto and growing generational wealth, even when the stock market goes awry.

Geoff discusses:

  • His background and how he got into rare tangible assets
  • How investors are using rare tangible assets to hedge the current worldwide inflation issue
  • The size of the market for rare asset collectors and investors
  • How big of a risk forgeries are, and what investors can do to avoid them
  • New collectibles emerging in the marketplace
  • And more!

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About Our Guest: 

Geoff Anandappa is a rare asset consultant and the founder of Rare Tangible Assets Ltd. With a background in stamp collecting, Geoff’s career in the industry began in 2005 when he joined Stanley Gibbons, the world’s oldest stamp dealer, to establish their investment department. Over 13 years, he traveled internationally, speaking at investment conferences and bringing in high-net-worth clients interested in rare stamps, coins, art, and first-edition books as alternative investments.

In 2018, Geoff launched his own consultancy firm, Rare Tangible Assets Limited, where he serves as a trusted advisor. As a consultant, Geoff assists clients in building investment portfolios in a diverse range of tangible assets, guiding starting collections, portfolio development, and exit strategies. With his extensive expertise and deep understanding of the market, Geoff offers professional consulting for individuals seeking to incorporate rare tangible assets into their investment strategies.