Episode 11 – Align Your Tribe

Episode 11 – Align Your Tribe

A strong team is the backbone of a business. Without cohesive teamwork, a business cannot and will not be successful.

In this episode of The Truth About Wealth Podcast, John and Michael Parise discuss the importance of “aligning your tribe”: working with your family and partners to accomplish the shared goal of building and managing wealth.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why the Copper Beech team sometimes acts as family counselors and psychologists as well as financial advisors
  • The importance of determining a designated individual who will take on the financial responsibility with each new generation
  • Which processes Copper Beech uses to build relationships with other advisors who are working with the same family
  • And more!

Check out this episode of The Truth About Wealth Podcast to learn the importance of building a strong team to achieve your goals!

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