How to Choose the Right Trustee with David Warren (Ep.75)

How to Choose the Right Trustee with David Warren (Ep.75)

When estate planning, one of the most difficult decisions is choosing the right trustee for your family. But it doesn’t have to be. 

In this episode, John and Michael Parise speak with David Warren, J.D., co-founder, and chairman of Bridgeford Trust Company about the challenges of picking the right trustee and/or trust company, and highlights the things you can do to make a better decision for your family. 

John and Michael discuss:

  • Conflicts of interest in trust planning 
  • Top tier trust jurisdictions
  • Modern trust law
  • Asset protection and its benefits
  • And more


Connect with David Warren

Connect with John and Michael:

About Our Guest: 

David Warren is the co-founder and chairman of the Board of Bridgeford Trust Company. With over 20 years of experience as an attorney in the financial services industry, David has a wealth of knowledge on working with ultra-high net worth families across the nation and around the world. As a leader at Bridgeford Trust Company he shapes the strategic growth and brand development. Outside of his roles at Bridgeford, David often speaks throughout the country and around the world on modern and progressive U.S. trust law, addressing several professional organizations and audiences each year. 


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