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Drug Abuse and the Importance of Taking Action with Matthew Sullivan (Ep. 90)

It’s no secret that drug abuse can have harmful consequences for addicts and their families.

Hence, it’s crucial to take action and work alongside experts who know what steps to take.

In this episode, John and Michael Parise sit down with the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the American Treatment Network, Matthew Sullivan. Together they unveil the effects of drug abuse and opioid overdose while detailing how this problem impacts families regardless of their socioeconomic status. Matthew also comments how the American Treatment Network has specialists from different fields to achieve sustainable sobriety.

Matthew discusses:

  • How he got involved in drug addiction treatment and how the American Treatment Network is committed to helping individuals with substance dependency 
  • The differences in opioid consumption between Europe and the United States
  • The reality of marijuana in younger populations
  • What are co-occurring diseases, and reasons they more prevalent among narcotic addicts
  • How substance addiction impacts middle and upper-class families
  • And more!

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About Our Guest: 

Matthew Sullivan is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of American Treatment Network and a current board member of 1Drop Diagnostics. He is an accomplished commercial executive and entrepreneur that has developed and led strategies that have changed current medical practice throughout his career. He has been an integral part of scaling and leading high-growth organizations that have created over 1 billion dollars of shareholder value while redefining the standard of care in medical treatments.