Cost Segregation In Real Estate — Part 2 with Isaac Downing (Ep. 93)

Cost Segregation In Real Estate — Part 2 with Isaac Downing (Ep. 93)

Did you know that cost segregation studies can be conducted on commercial and residential properties?

This week on The Truth About Wealth, Isaac Downing, the regional director at Capstan Tax Strategies, is back to unpack everything you need to know about the 1031 Exchange and cost segregation studies within commercial and residential real estate properties. Isaac also outlines the tax benefits these studies can provide to passive and active investors.

Isaac discusses:

  • The 1031 Exchange as a powerful tool within the real estate arena
  • How tenants can benefit from cost segregation studies
  • Ways accelerated depreciation works
  • Cost segregation studies according to different property types  
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Over the last decade, Isaac Downing has played every role in the cost segregation industry – he’s been an engineer performing studies, an accountant reviewing studies, and a salesperson selling studies.  Now he’s bringing that wealth of experience – and the associated unique perspective — to Capstan Tax Strategies.

It’s not typical for salespeople to have accounting and engineering experience, but Isaac is anything but ordinary.  A proud Marine, Isaac spent 4 years as a USMC Engineer, and then earned an additional degree in Accounting and Finance. 

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