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62. Living A Healthy Lifestyle With Pilates With Amy Jordan, Part One

Everything in your body is connected—you can’t exercise your body and eat poorly and expect top results.

In this episode, John and Michael are joined by Amy Jordan, creator and CEO of WundaBar Pilates. Amy shares her wealth of knowledge about Pilates, how she got into it, and who helped her realize her vision of WundaBar Pilates.

Amy discusses:

  • Why understanding how everything in your body is interconnected is important
  • Why you can’t work out and have a poor diet, and vice-versa
  • Her tips for clientele on how to live a healthy life, the 90% – 10% rule
  • How she made Pilates easily accessible during the pandemic
  • And more!

Connect with John and Micheal:

Connect With Amy Jordan:

About Our Guest:

A Pilates visionary, entrepreneur, inventor, and above all a proud mother of two, Amy Jordan’s guiding belief when it comes to wellness:  “You are perfect wherever you are today, and my goal is to empower you to have the best experience in your own skin!” That is precisely what happened when Amy began practicing Pilates in 2006 as she journeyed through a difficult time in her own life. Her workout soon became her passion, and she left her career as an Entertainment Marketing Executive to open her first high-energy Pilates studio in 2008.