66. How To Pick The Right Trustee

66. How To Pick The Right Trustee

One of the more difficult challenges of estate planning is choosing the right trustee.

In this episode, John and Michael Parise aim to help you gain a better understanding of the implications of choosing a trustee and what to consider when making this decision. They look at what makes choosing a trustee so difficult and what it means to leave someone in charge of managing your family’s assets.

John and Michael discuss:

  • The role of a trustee and why a trustee should act as a mentor
  • Their recommendation for what to look for in a trustee and how you can build a relationship and understanding with the trustee before they take control
  • If trustees can be compensated and whether they should
  • What it truly means to leave your family in the hands of a trustee (whether they’re another family member or not)
  • And more

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