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Looking To Sell Your Business? Here Are Your Options (Ep. 84)

So you’re looking to sell your business.

Remember, you can’t spell succession without success.

In this episode of The Truth About Wealth, John and Michael Parise cover all the options you have when selling your business. John and Michael detail how to determine the right time, the timelines you should follow, and the pros and cons you should consider when looking to sell a family business. 

John and Michael discuss:

  • The importance of having a succession plan for your business
  • The value of leadership and generational family conversations when you’re looking to sell your business
  • How to determine if it’s viable to keep your family business
  • The truth about selling your company to a strategic purchaser or a competitor
  • What are the benefits of selling your business to your management team
  • What you should know about employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) and how they can help your succession
  • And more!

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