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Esoteric Tax Planning Strategies For American Businesses with Matthew Kirk (Ep. 95)

Every business owner wants to save on taxes, and there’s a variety of tax planning strategies available in the US.

In this episode, John and Michael Parise speak with Matthew Kirk from Holland & Knight about an esoteric tax planning strategy that not many American businesses know about. Matthew gives an overview of the tax benefits in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, explains the rationale behind them, and unpacks some of the finer details, cautioning businesses to speak with a proactive financial professional about using this strategy.

Matthew discusses:

  • An overview of the tax benefits in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and the differences between the two
  • The rationale for the tax benefits in both US territories
  • The importance of discussing the small details and any questions about these jurisdictions with proactive financial professionals
  • And more!

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About Our Guest: 

Matthew Kirk is a private wealth services attorney in the Holland & Knight’s Atlanta office. Matthew focuses his practice on designing and implementing sophisticated wealth planning and transfer strategies for high-net-worth individuals that often combine objectives of tax minimization, wealth preservation, succession planning, and business planning.

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68. Income Tax Law Proposals You Should Be Thinking About

There are currently tax law proposals being discussed in Congress that if passed, could have a major impact on taxes.

In this episode, John and Michael Parise discuss the most recent tax law proposal put forth by Congress, specifically covering income tax provisions. They emphasize that these are just provisional changes and that they may not come to pass. However, you should plan accordingly with your financial advisors so that nothing comes as a surprise. Also, John shares details about their annual conference they held with their families!

John and Michael discuss:

  • Their annual conference held with their families and guest speakers
  • Tax provisions that may come to fruition
  • Why business owners and high-income earners are moving to states without income tax
  • Why you should be thinking about these tax provisions with your financial advisor
  • And more

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