Securing Your Family’s Future Wealth Q&A (Ep. 119)

Securing Your Family’s Future Wealth Q&A (Ep. 119)

How can you secure your family’s future wealth? 

In short, anticipate change, stay informed, and reach out to your advisor.

This week, John and Michael Parise elaborate with a discussion about the importance of proactive wealth management. They highlight the need for individuals to ask questions, educate themselves, and consult with their advisors to secure a better future. John and Michael also briefly talk about the potential benefits of alternative investments in the current market conditions. 

So, listen in as they emphasize the significance of tax efficiency, liquidity, and the need for individuals to focus on asset protection in estate planning.

John and Michael discuss:

  • Some of the concerns and questions they’ve recently received from clients regarding financial plans and estate tax laws
  • Client frustration with other advisors on their financial team not being proactive enough
  • Challenges within the advisor community and the need for awareness of options for high-net-worth individuals
  • Potential benefits of alternative investments such as gold, silver, and oil and gas in the current market
  • The need for diversification in investment portfolios due to current economic and geopolitical uncertainties
  • The importance of tax efficiency and exploring tax planning strategies
  • Some concerns about potential changes in tax laws and the need to focus on asset preservation
  • And more!


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