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67. Concerns That Are Keeping Everyone Up At Night

There are a number of questions and concerns that clients ask for clarification about, from inflation, to proposed tax changes, how those will impact their accounts, and more.

In this episode, John and Michael Parise have an open discussion about questions they regularly receive from their clients and aim to answer these frequently asked questions. They explain why you need to stay on top of your financial affairs and get them in order, plus, how businesses may have to approach employee retention in the near future.

John and Michael discuss:

  • How inflation is affecting everything in our lives
  • Potential tax code changes being proposed in Washington and how they may impact you
  • Why you need to be on top of your financial affairs
  • Why employee retention will become increasingly important in the near future
  • And more


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65. What’s Going On With The Markets And Where Are We Heading? With Peter Andersen

John and Michael are routinely asked about what’s going on with the markets, with the pandemic and what the expectations are with stocks and bonds and real estate. Today, they look to answer many of these questions. 

In this episode, John and Michael speak with Peter Andersen, CFA, of Anderson Capital Management. Peter provides some clarity surrounding the current markets and where the trends are pointing, as Peter shares his optimism for the future.

Peter discusses:

  • The current state of the market
  • How your anxieties and fears about the market are played on by the media
  • Whether he thinks the tax proposals in Washington will pass, and what that could mean for you
  • Why he’s so confident that we are going to come out of the post-COVID era stronger
  • And more

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About Our Guest: 

Peter C. Andersen, CFA, has managed money for a wide range of clients since 1993.  He has direct experience managing separate accounts & over 10 mutual funds throughout his career, including IPO’s for two NYSE-listed closed end funds. He has deep experience with stocks of all kinds, junk bonds, and world asset classes.

Peter Andersen earned an MPA degree from Harvard University, where he was designated a Seamans Fellow. He holds an MS in physics from Yale University, where he was named a JD Skinner Fellow. Mr. Andersen received a BS, summa cum laude, from Northeastern University where he graduated first in his major of physics. He is on the board of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, where he is Chairman of the Annual Funds and a member of the Investment & Nominating Committees. Andersen is also an overseer of the Peabody Essex Museum.  He was on the investment committee of the Goldhirsh Foundation, several other non-profits, and elected to the executive committee of the Yale Graduate School Alumni Association.